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Looking for kitchen refurbishments on a budget? We have the perfect package!

  • Date: 27/10/2018
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When thinking about how to update your kitchen, you should definitely consider spraying and overlaying!

By Spray painting your kitchen doors, panels, plinths etc as well as overlaying your existing surfaces with our Quartz worktop overlays, you’ll get the look you’ve longed for, at a fraction of the cost!


Portfolio after image 4

After spraying and overlay worktops being fitted


We talk to customers almost on a daily basis who are considering or have had their kitchen doors spray painted. It’s fair to say that we’ve seen a lot of kitchens which have had this treatment and the standard of the finish does vary. There are specific types of paint designed for use in kitchen respraying and having seen many finished jobs, we’re pretty sure that not all have been done using the correct paint.

Done properly, this really is a great way of revamping your kitchen without breaking the bank. The paint can be mixed to any colour of your choice although everyone we speak to is going for Farrow and Ball colours!

One company we’ve been particularly impressed with having seen their work on a couple of our jobs is Recreate Kitchens, so we got in touch with Ron. They only use lead free acid catalyst cellulose paint (from the name alone you know it’s not simply a coat of contract matt going on your doors) and the finish is superb. Like us, they are an independent business that offer a great customer experience and take a huge amount of pride in their work.

Portfolio before image 11


Portfolio after image 11








By using our joint services, you could have a whole new look and feel to your kitchen in just two days. We are confident that our products and ability offer the best possible value for money.

Why not get a quote from us for your worktops and from Recreate Kitchens for your doors to be sprayed. You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved from revamping rather than refitting!

We are able to liaise with the guys over at Recreate Kitchens to ensure that between us your kitchen refurbishment project runs smoothly, on time and to a standard that surpasses your expectations.

You can find out more about kitchen door painting at www.recreatekitchens.co.uk


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It’s here where the majority of the work happens, with every worktop physically and accurately templated for a first time fit, we then fabricate the job in our workshop. Any sink and hob cutouts are also done in the workshop minimising time and more importantly any mess at your property.

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