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Worktop overlay trends to watch in the year ahead

  • Date: 19/09/2018
  • Category: Misc

A worktop we overlaid with our popular Venato Bianco. (Carrara Marble quartz)


A good indicator of how the trends will move in the overlay industry is to look at the solid 30mm market. Whatever the current trend, it tends to filter through to the overlay market. The reason trends are set within the 30mm sector is due to the enormous size of the industry. Top architects, interior and kitchen designers all around the world are using the material anywhere from airports to hotels, restaurants, residential projects and on  and on!

Now the overlay industry is growing, but is still tiny in proportion to the use of solid 20mm and 30mm stone. As we’ve talked about in another blog post which you can read here, we don’t feel that worktop overlays are particularly well suited to new kitchens as the amount of work doesn’t do the product justice, it’s just not what we think is the right solution for the customer which should always be the main priority. It also raises the cost due to extra labour and materials in having to first fit a substrate material to then fit the worktop to.

Nero Argento – Before

Nero Argento – After. This will always be a poplular choice with the diamond polished look it gives. Notice also that we covered the plinths on this job as well, it looked really smart!

Although it’s still hugely popular, our Argento range has slipped ever so slightly in terms of it’s popularity. It’s a range that has always dominated our business and we’ve fitted countless worktops over the years in all of the colours in the range. Other names for it include Black Star, White Starlight, Grey Mirror Chip etc etc…

We’re now receiving regular enquiries about Carrara Marble style quartz. This as been massively popular for years now when it comes to solid quartz worktops. Obviously when all the manufacturers realised how popular this colour would be, they soon got to work on other variations of marble designs and there are now hundreds of options in terms of pattern design available. These, over the coming years will slowly filter through into the overlay sector. Most of the marble style offerings are various shades of whites and greys which also seems to be a continuing colour trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

Below is the before and after photos of the first marble/veined style worktops we fitted:


Venato fino – Before

Venato Fino – After

Assuming we’re right and that the trend is likely to continue, we’ve been researching new colours to bring to the UK market in 2019. Below are a few of the colours that have piqued our interest and hope that they may prove as popular in the future as the Argento range has proved until now!


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