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Which kitchen sink material is best?

  • Date: 24/09/2018
  • Category: Misc

While we can’t answer what is necessarily best for you, we aim to give you some information that may help you come to an informed decision!

There’s many different materials these days from which sinks can be made. We’re just going to talk here about the 3 different options we sell which happen to be the most common options. We fit all of these on a regular basis, we also remove old sinks constructed of these materials so we’ve got a fairly good idea as to how they perform long term! With so many options, all of our customers always want to know first and foremost how durable and how their potential sink will age with daily use (and sometimes abuse)!  Maybe you’re a heavy tea drinker and pour the dregs down  the sink and don’t always rinse?? We don’t want to put you off that brilliant white Quartz sink you’ve been dreaming of but it does require a certain amount of love to retain its fresh white looks!

The1810company Cavaduo undermount sink with our Nero Argento and drainer grooves.


Ceramic Sinks

Probably the least popular sink material on our list which doesn’t truly reflect its performance. Ceramic sinks are available in surface mount, undermount and belfast or butler sinks making it probably the most versatile.

Many people who are refurbishing or refitting their kitchens are aiming for a contemporary or modern look. This is where a ceramic sink could make or break an entire project! Whilst Belfast or Butler sinks look absolutely stunning in a contemporary country kitchen, a surface mount ceramic sink could kill off the modern aspirations you’ve got for your ultra modern, sleek kitchen due to its chunky high sitting look. so you’ll need to think hard in terms of what look you want and to whether the ceramic sink would be a suitable candidate.

In terms of performance, they’re actually pretty good. They won’t stain or scratch easily although they do suffer from grey scratches from pots and pans. Cracking is an obvious potential issue with ceramic sinks although this is most likely to happen in transit. Ceramic sinks are highly unlikely to crack once fitted correctly on a level surface. Chipping tends to be the biggest problem with ceramic sinks. Whilst we’ve removed and even refitted sinks of 10 years or more, the vast majority of complaints from existing owners relates to small chips. It’s such a brittle material and without the correct care and attention, chips may occur!

One final thing we feel does need to be mentioned is that not all ceramic sinks are flat! Due to the manufacturing process they can warp. We’ve seen a few right bananas in our time which tends to occur with cheap sinks (which we don’t get involved in). If you want to supply the sink, check it before it’s due to be fitted. If we supply, we’ll always check ceramic sinks thouroughly for any defects.

Belfast sinks look really good in contemporary country kitchens as shown here. We fitted this a few years ago. Ardenne worktops with duck egg blue cabinets.

Ceramic surface mount sink on Grigio Argento worktops

Stainless Steel

Probably the most popular sinks for many years now. Generally available in three different finishes:

Polished – A shiny finish which looks great when first fitted but ages extremely quickly due to how extraordinarily easy it scratches!

Brushed – More of a matte finish which doesn’t scratch so easily. Any scratches are disguised better than they are in polished sinks. More popular thank popular, probably for the above reasons.

Satin – All of the top manufacturers are producing really nice satin finish sinks. It’s not quite brushed or polished, somewhere in the middle which seems to suit sinks well. Reputable branded sinks shouldn’t scratch easily, what scratches are there should be well disguised by the finish. We like this finish.

The1810company Zen IF sink in satin finish

Available in a plethora of shapes, sizes and styles, these are still the go to sinks when revamping their kitchens. Another plus point for stainless steel is that if you’re on a budget they can be picked up extremely cheaply. Don’t expect the same kind of gauge, style or quality in comparison to brands at the other end of the spectrum though!

Granite and quartz 

Having been around for a long time now, granite and quartz sinks have improved massively in terms of their performance. Whilst they used to stain terribly, manufacturers have now stepped up their efforts in the technology and manufacturing process. They’re now far more resistant to staining and are available in a range of stunning colours to suit any kitchen. That said, certain household products and waste can and will mark them. Rest assured, with the correct care solution you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Barkeepers friend is an amazing cleaning product and will keep your sink looking ship shape for years to come. Regular cleaning with Barkeepers friend is all that’s needed. Other products such as bleach do more harm than good in the long run.

With regards to chipping, staining and scratching their performance is outstanding! With the correct care, these sinks will still look amazing after 10 years or more. We really like these sinks and sell a lot of them in undermount and surface mount options.

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